I am the head of the DIY club at my school, for our next project we wanted to build a drone. I am looking for suggestions for a plane that is good for beginner flyers yet has the capability to hold large amounts of gear(fpv system, gopro, autopilot systems...). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Our budget is $120 for the plane, servos, motors... but we can spend more money if needed.


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Do you have any building construction experience?

Trent of MyGeekShow has some inexpensive airplane ideas on his website HERE with the plans HERE.

If you do want an ARF (almost ready to fly), the EasyStar/Bixler types are an option though small in area for equipment.

To be inexpensive, you are probably looking at building it.


I know its a little outside your budget, but you can get a RTF EFlite Apprentice for $300. It has everything you need including a 5 channel 2.4 Ghz transmitter. 

yes i have experience in construction, i know of the bixler and was looking athttp://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__14465__EPP_FPV_1_8M_X_Large_EPP_Carbon_Fiber_R_C_Plane.html

do you know of any similar airplanes that are cheaper?

i don't think this has enough room for my fpv equipment, but thank you for the suggestion

How much space do you need in this aircraft?

That information is vital to the project and deciding which aircraft to buy/build.

What hardware do you have now?


i need space for an fvp camera, autopilot and a gopro(optional)

Wayne G's Techpod project has the right stuff for an FPV UAV but the kit price on the website is $225 and it will not be available until March 2013...so far.

I would also recommend checking local hobby shops, let them know it is a school project. They probably have contacts in the local flying clubs and someone may have just what you need AND provide some assistance with the project.

It cannot hurt to ask around.


A little more digging in one of my airplane folders and THIS post right here might work for you.


Thanks for the suggestions, that kit looks cool but i don't want to wait for it

What is the best foam to use when building a plane?

My favourite is ELAPOR, but unfortunately it's not available other than in the form of an EasyStar from Multiplex.

I can tell you what is a bad choice. Most of the building supply choices are terrible but if you can find the 'blue foam' that Trent uses, it is the best of that type of material.

The UAV Flying Wing I linked to above uses Depron foam. You can search 'RC foam airplanes'. There are several suppliers of the materials. Sgt Ric's fave was popular. Didn't know it is hard to source.


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