For my Arduino i usually power it with a 9v power supply.  However i know the Servos i'm using can't handle anything more than 6v (would prefer 5v).  Is there something I'm missing for powering the APM with a 9volt BEC or battery?

I've almost got my quad put together and am itching to get it in the air!

Thanks for the help!


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  • So to get a little extra speed and power out of the servos can I run 6v from a regulator into the arduplane? Can the regulators in the ardu manage this? Also are the regulators just going to cut it down to 5v anyway or is there a separate voltage for the servo rail. 

    I am trying to avoid setting up a completely separate voltage/power for the servos and ardu. 


  • I've also noticed that there is a 0.3V drop across the diode, so I'm giving 5.3V to my servo rail, and in turns giving 5.0 volt to the brain.

  • You need to look at the schematic. The servo rail powers the Vcc thru a Schottky diode. The Vcc cannot power the servos.

    servo power->brain yes;, brain power to servos->no.

  • 5v from the output rail, jumper on. or from the input rail and the out rail needs to be powered.  I don't know why i couldn't find it tuesday or wednesday...

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