• Actually, thats only about $10 more. And I've already spent over $100 on the Maxbotix ones.
  • Senscomp 616010 or 616015 - 0 to 5v output, 0-20feet or 0-40feet.
    The 20ft one works over soft sand grass to 3inches tall, and is very effective. They work in winds up to 20m/s. I use them for the autoland AGL sensor - check my posts 'NAMPILOT' and SurVoyeur....
    Maxbotix stuff just simply does not compare, false readings and detections, very sensitive to
    vibration and wind,( combustion engine, etc). I have a draw full of wasted Maxbotix type sensors. The Senscomp sensor are electrostatic, come in covered or open face, etc. Check their site - about $70 each - I know that is 5times or more the price of the Maxbotix type , but you get what you pay for...
    Senscomp are VERY helpfull, I order from Namibia and they ship very efficiently.

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