The new board introduced in the last month (first Phone Board) and then Ardupilot Mega 2, 

will think to me that in the course of next year more improvment will do .

1) I ask to me if you have planned to do a DiyDrones OSD instead to use Remzibi device .

2) I ask to me if with the new ARM processor used by ardunino will be some architectural  development of the APM  board

I ask for this 'cause I won to develop a platform based on this board (APM+Oilpan+remzibi+Phone board)

and i don't know if begin to development now or wait ......

Best Regards

Alessandro Vitali

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Purple:  (sensor fusion available, but not yet enabled)

MinimOSD: (imminent)

Predicted: something based on the SAM3U:

Tanks for the link, now i can plan the development of the infrastructure, and for the core development i will wait the next boards with ARM.

 After the reading of the link i ask my self if  there is a plan to port the new imu Chip used on APM 2.0 on

a new release of the OILPAN Board.

Tanks to All


I resume this old post for because after the introduction of PX4 board I think that the line of development  of ardupilot mega is changed.

If the board of ardupilot 2.6 will be still  developed is possible to use anoter chip instead of Atmega32-U2

for example with use the chip ATxmega256A3BU  so is possibile to handle 6 UART .

whith this chip is possible to develop High Avaibility between two APM  board and use Up to 22 PWM exit for servo  ?

If instead the next release of APM 3.0 is based on Px4 board

is possibile in the new version of APM to use a modifed Px4 board thath can handle 8 UART interface and 24 PWM output, so in the future is possible to handle HA and up to 24 channels for servo output

At this point of develop the code of autopilot is very stable and I think that tha issue of HA or Falut Tolerant can be take in  consideration.

what do you tiknk about ?


Alessandrto Vitali

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