It is hard to get a muticopter to fly properly if you do it alone. It would be nice to meet fellow South Africans to discuss and share ideas and skills. I live in New Hanover KZN and would like to hear fom anybody interested.

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Hi Charl,

There are a couple us around :) myself, Daniel and I know of Jared around in KZN, sure there are more. Daniel is a genius at frame designs and builds and there is Jared, you can source a lot of things from him too.

What do you fly?



Gustav, here in Cape Town.............

John here in Cape Town/Winelands. There are quite a few of us in the Cape, which is sad given the %^$&# wind conditions here :-) In my area I usually have to fly early in the morning or in the evening. Where you are you should have much better wind conditions for learning to fly a a quad.

I'm just up the road in Rosetta, have a hexa but don't fly it much prefer fixed wing.

Had it out last weekend though

Sandton / Joburg.

The South African DIY Drones maillist group is here

Cape Town represent! I know of a few others in the area.

We should organise a group fly!

Hey! Duran here in Knysna, Garden Route, we develop and build qauds, and big octos for production/film, SteadiDrone is our brand, check out ur Motion Pixel website for more :) Shout if you need any advice or want to meet up, any time! I'm the rest of the guys here will also be very keen to help.

Chat soon.


one of our recent productions with one of our octos

2011 Otter African Trail Run Teaser from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

Well I am South African...but fly in St Louis Missouri...(like Potchefstroom with an Arch). So if anybody needs anything shipped to SA feel free to contact me.

Just waiting for parts to arrive and then you can add myself and two friends to the Cape Town crew. :)

Hi! Murray here from Pretoria. I started early this year and have built a tilted Octa V (with retractable landing gear) and am currently having a lot of fun with a missile shaped quad. I can offer advice on getting long, narrow shapes stable.

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