• Hi,

    I have an APM Glass Fiber Shock Absorber Anti-vibration Set from Banggood. I have mounted it at the bottom of the HK450 with tie-rips. I had to mount it up side down and set the correct parameter in Mission Planner to correct that.

    So just to the bottom of the heli between the legs of the landing skid.


    • Also, where did you mount the GPS? Is the GPS cable long enough?

      • Hi Chadel P,

        It is very difficult to see because my machine is crammed with electronics. Hopefully these images give some clarification.



        • Wow very nice. Check out my setup.




          • Looking good!

            If you use this (link) anti vibration set it will fit nicely between the legs of the landing gear. The narrow top part of the set fits nicely. Use tie rips to tie it down. Also it helps reduce vibrations :-)

            Remember to mount the APM on the wider side of the anti vibration set. And mount it upside down. The orientation of the board can then be corrected in MP.


            • Here is my set up for your reference. I followed the mounting method in the wiki.

              The APM is placed on top of a vibration damping foam (orange).

              By the way, if you were successful in setting up the collective pitch for APM, can you give advise to my question titled "Capturing the swash plate range" under this link :--


              Thank you.


    • Hi Testuser0001. 

      Do you have any pictures of you setup?

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