Where to look for converted roll, pitch, yaw values


In Mission Planner, one can load do "Tlog > kml or Graph", then if you go to "Graph Log", there will be a bunch of variables to choose from after selecting a particular Tlog. If I chose roll, then the Mavlink Log Graph will update with the relevant graph. I assume the Y axis is in degrees and that's what I see from the flight data when the craft is moving around?

I exported the particular Tlog I've been playing around and graph the roll variable. Both the Mavlink Log Graph and the Graph from Excel showed a similar patterned graph but the Y axis have different values. Have no background in programming so have to ask, is there an equation that transform the roll values in the csv exported file to the one shown in the Mavlink Log Graph in terms of the Y axis? Does the same formula apply to the pitch and yaw values as well?.

Please refer to image below, thanks.


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  • The log graph is in radians which is the SI unit.

    You have to multiplied by 180/pi to get some degrees (with pi=3.1415 approx)

    It applies to pitch and yaw as well

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