Hello everyone,

I have little to no expieexper in the drone field. However, a year ago I set to accomplish a very ambitious goal (meaning I failed it miserably). In summary, I wanted a drone that can detect RFID signals and react to those signals. After some research, my plan was to buy a F450 kit (without the naza controller) and stick an Ardupilot (an APM 2.6) and then somehow connect it to an Arduino UNO to detect RFID and signal to the APM when it detects something. I also didn't want to use a RC remote because it is expensive. Instead, I got the radio and Bluetooth telemetry sets and was able to get the propellers moving (no real success in getting the drone to fly)

Obviously, with 0 experience I failed and only produced a couple of burned APM's. Now, I have all the drone components but still missing a flight  controller.

Now I am trying to revive this project but start slower I guess. First I just need to buy an appropriate Ardupilot controller so I can fly my drone with a joystick on my laptop. I also want the controller to be able to receive signals from an Arduino or a raspberry pi.

Tl;dr: What Ardupilot should I get that is able to be controlled from Mission planner and is able to receive signals from a microcontroller like Arduino.

P.S: didn't know where to post this honestly, so iput it here. Tell me if I need to change it. Also sorry for misusing any terms or phrases or anything.

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