Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a personal project. This project involves a drone which is capable of flying a route by itself and while doing that taking pictures of the earth beneath it. My idea is to let the drone fly a path and use a camera to take pictures on an interval. These pictures will later be stitched and the stitched image will be placed on a Google Map within an application I will build myself. The problem I am facing right now is the camera I need to use. Currently I am using the following equipment:

-          3DR X8+

-          GoPro Hero 4 Silver

-          DYS 3-Axis SMART GoPro Brushless Gimbal

The trouble I am having is that the GoPro is not geotagging the images by itself. I have written a little tool to geotag the images using a CSV file created after a flight but this is not completely accurate. Another problem is the interval used by the GoPro, I would like to send a command to the camera trough a raspberry pi to take a picture at will. By doing this I could calculate the optimal interval by checking how fast the drone is flying at that moment. My question is if anyone knows a camera that would for fill my needs.

-          12MP or higher

-          Needs integrated GPS

-          Changeable interval

-          WIFI would be nice to have

-          Compact and quite light (around 300 grams would be nice)

-          Must be shockproof

I have searched a little bit myself and came up with the following camera’s

-          Ricoh G800SE (with additional GPS module)

-          Olympus TG-860

-          Imperix B4822

With getting a different camera I would also need a different gimbal if anyone knows a gimbal that is easy to use and easy to calibrate I would love to hear a suggestion.

I hope my story was clear enough, if not please feel free to ask any questions.

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