Which Drone copter to buy

I want to purchase a drone copter.  Something that I could control from 100 - 300 yeards.  I envision using this copter to document family hiking trips in southern utah.  Also, to video my daughter as she plays soccer.  Can someone suggest a mid-range copter?  I have a budget of $200 to $300, but would consider spending more if necessary.  Thank you for your suggestions. 

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  • Just for curiosity sake I put together a list of all the components you would need to build one and it came in under $300. Including battery/battery charger and transmitter. You would just have to supply the know how and elbow grease to assemble it all.

    Keep in mind these are not the highest quality components but they do work well. It is a quadcopter and would easily carry a gopro and maybe even a gimbal but you would need to add landing gear.

    If you want to see the list let me know. I have all the links to the parts as well.

    Happy flying :-)
  • Don't own one, judging by youtube clips this seem like a fun setup:


    You need to think of it as a hobby though, at some point something _will_ break and you have to roll up your sleeves.

    Best of luck


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  • I would say unless you really know what you're doing and have previous RC experience it will be difficult to put together a multirotor capable of lifting a camera in that price range. It can be done quick and dirty but I would not advise flying near a child's soccer game. I would not advise it with any RC model.

    What kind of camera would you use? Weight is a big factor.

    I don't want to discourage you but aerial photography is not really easy to do safely or on the cheap.

    Look at the dji phantom. Its is an advanced entry level quadcopter that you can attach a gopro to. Not as much skill needed to operate.

    Whatever you decide to do let it be known that it is never acceptable to fly near crowds or people. These things are dangerous even when you do everything right.

    Happy flying :-)
  • T3
    ARDrone might work for you.
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