Which firmware for the Turnigy?

Hi all,

I bought a Turnigy 9X and I'm building an Arducopter, and I'm a total newbie for what pertains airborne RC models.


From what I understood the Turnigy is basically the same (or very similar) HW of more expensive radio. The thing that keeps is cost low is the total lack of instructions and the kind of crappy firmware (in addition to the lack consumer protection).


So I was thinking, which is the best firmware to use with the radio?

Shall I keep the official fw?

Or should I flash with one of the opensource ones?

I saw there are 3 main opensource fw:

Which are the differences between the three? Any experience with them?


As I said, for the moment I intend to use it only with ArduCopter, nothing more than that


Thank you


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  • I would totaly recommend the er9x firmware. It even has Ardupilot connectivitiy now.



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Dec 3, 2020