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    Quick question. I have changed my loiter PID (top right of the extended list) from 1.0 to 0.7 and now I can't go up in value only down. (not sure why) It dose the same for all the other PIDs as well. I can change these back in the Full parameter list but I can't fing Loiter PID in the Full Parameter list. Any ideas please.

    V3.2 lastest MP

    Cheers John H

  • Hi Guys, 

    can you tell me your opinion about 3.0.3?

    I am interested in the crash probability. 

    • Moderator

      That's more a function of how well you set up the multirotor, I have been flying mine on 2.8 for years because it does everything I want just fine.

      • Thanks Gary! 

        I will use fixed wing air-frame (Maja) for the first time. until now I have been using flying wings. 

  • Shure 3.2, very tested by developers and many users

  • 3.2, by far.

    • Hi rob

      For how long this firmware is on air?

      • A couple of weeks.  But it contains fixes to many known problems in 3.1.5.  Is 3.2 guaranteed to be perfect? No, but it's safer than 3.1.5.

        Our stable releases always undergo significant beta testing, to ensure we don't have any silly problems like other flight controllers have.

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