Which PID Parameter?

So I'm working on tweaking up my copter a bit to get it nice and dialed in. I've got basically everything where I think it should be, although I still have a bit of an issue with the yaw. 

It seems that when I command the copter to yaw in one direction, it'll respond fine, however once I let go of the stick, the copter will stop, then slowly move back in the direction it came a little bit, only a few degrees or so but it's noticeable.

I tried mapping yaw rate I to a knob on my TX and messing with that a bit, but didn't seem to get anywhere. What PID value should I be looking at to correct that? 


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  • Yes my hexa does same it bounces back a few degree back after you release the yaw stick. i have not been able to solve this either. 

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