Which Quad Copter to Buy please help anyone

Im just now getting into the quad copters and have recently been doing alot of google researching on them but i know from experience that i can get alot of help from people that have already been around the block. Sooo, i am looking for something that will make for a good experience into quad copters. So far i have narrowed it down to the xaircraft x450. The pro version is $424 shipped to my house. It comes with everything to fly (minus TX, RX, Battery). Does anyone have ANY objections to this or any other suggestions. It requires some building but comes with full instructions (i have downloaded them), I would build one to start out to save some money but i kninda want to hit the ground running and not trying to make components work, but i am open to any suggestion. please comment.......oh yea, i fly a fpv trex 450 and a fpv hobbyking mx2 regularly. My transmitter is a dx6i with an external antenna upgrade. 6 channel spektrum receiver,and 6 channel HOBBYKING orange receiver with satelite port...

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  • I found a post about the ultrasonic sensor. Ask around in that post if you want to use the sensor. Also I forgot to mention that for the 450 heli you can use the traditional rotor hardware but I heard that flybarless rotor head is better for control. In another thread I found I believe they talk about a flybarless head but for a larger heli but i think you would be able to find the info relavent, ask around to double check and get personal opinions.

    Sensor (http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/sonar-success)

    Flybarless Head (http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/600-size-heli?id=705844%3ATopic%3...)

  • Your choice of quadcopter is not bad, pretty simple. With Ardupilot there are allot more options with what you can do. You can also use the Ardupilot for planes if you ever wanted to expand. I think if you ever what to expand you should choose Ardupilot. But if your just want the quadcopter and not have any sort of problems setting everything up go ahead. I would highly recommend the Ardupilot, its a great piece of expandable technology.

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