Which XBee's ?

I just starting with the ArduPilot Mega and was wondering what some of the differences are in the Xbee Modules. I am currently flying FPV with 1.2 Ghz and also could use 2.4 Ghz for video, so was looking at the 900 mhz Xbee modules. What is the difference between the Xbee Pro 900RPSMA http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9099 and the Xbee Pro 900 XSC RPSMA  http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9087.  ?

I really would like to be able to get 3-4 mile range, similar to the range of my video.

Here is a shot of my airframe I am just getting ready to test.



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  • If you want just telemetry, get the XBP900 XSC and a decent directional antenna.

    If you video and telemetry, get the XBP900 and a very good directional antenna, with the means to point it.


    4 miles is a lot.  Running at 57.6k, we get a solid 1 mile using the vertical wire antenna from an elevated position - a factor of 16 signal strength off from what you need.  Closer to the ground, it's more like 100 yards.  Directly overhead, it's very intermittant.

  • http://cgi.ebay.com/2x-RF-communication-modules-xbee-AVR-PIC-STAMP-...

    These can do 19.2 kbit/s which still isn't fast enough but closer.  1.9 mile range and they are cheaper.  Thats a pretty nice airframe.  Where did you get it? 


  • I recall reading that 57K was required for HKGS and MavLink.
  • Apart from the claimed tripling of range, the XSC supports data rates up to 9.6 kbit/s, and the regular PRO can go to 156 kbit/s.
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