Why all the secrecy?

Everyone involved in the FAA regulatory process is saying it is illegal for them to comment.

However, U.S. Code ( Here and Here ) says the opposite:


"The FAA may close an ARAC meeting or a portion of an ARAC meeting only for reasons such

as when information to be discussed—

Is classified or best kept secret in the interests of national defense or foreign policy.

Discloses trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person that

are privileged and confidential."


Congress has already investigated the FAA over the misuse of secrecy in 2001.


Note: ARAC = Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee

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  • As a former soldier I appreciate the concerns about weaponized drones, as a libertarian I appreciate the concerns about privacy.

    However what brought be to DIYDrones is I wanted to make a living doing something awesome.

    The FAA and their blanket prohibition against flying any UAS for profit virtually guarantees that the future of UAS belongs to our friends in countries other than the United States.

    15 years from now, when I step into a robotic air-taxi, I want it to be my company's name on the fuselage. How am I to realize my dream when the FAA makes it illegal to profit from aerial robots?

    How am I to fund Research and Development, if I cannot make small profits with smaller bots?

    I'm not asking for a hand-out, I'm not asking for help, I'm asking to be allowed to fund my own enterprise using the power of market demand. The FAA is crippling innovation in this field. It is not a political issue, it is accidental economic warfare conducted by against our own people.

  • I think it is pretty obvious that the FAA is being highly influenced by the Department of Defense.  The way I look at it is that the only reason why there would be secrecy is if there is some kind of perceived national security risk.

    The Military is probably using language like "Flying weapons of mass destruction",  "Terrorists",  "Flying guided bombs" ,  and "Surveillance of Sensitive locations".  

    I have been interested in drones for over five years now and back then there was never any "hint" at any sort of new legislation for R/C Airplanes.  But then we started calling them drone's and using them in our Military and now they are their own class that deserves restrictions and law.

    I support  legislation for "safety" but anything past that I oppose.  I am hearing rumors like "line of sight" only,  and that bothers me.  It's not a drone if it flies "line of sight".  The whole point of a drone is to fly far and have the vision and intelligence to do useful things.  

    Maybe safety testing for drones over a certain weight?  Safety testing on the FAA's dime since they are the one's claiming authority.

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    AMA, taxes and gas prices... how am I supposed to relax around here?  :)
  • It has come to my attention from very reliable sources tha the AMA has been contacting forum owners since the summer (2010) and "convincing" them to remove any and all non-AMA approved content and ban forum members who are not pro-AMA.

    People really trust the AMA more than the FAA?

  • Noticed this identical post was deleted from several sites.

    Someone wants the truth hidden!

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