Why does my servo crank all the way to one side?

When I plug a servo into my ArduPilot board, it starts off rotating clockwise slowly, but continues accelerating and turning until it pegs against full-clockwise rotation, and the motor continues to strain against the stop. That to me sounds like the wrong type of signal is being sent out - like it's treating the servo like it's a motor at 50% throttle instead of neutral position. Has anyone experienced this before?

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    Kyle, I just tested exactly that configuration (Futaba S3004 and BATT power) and it works fine. Are you using the latest code?

    Please note that if you choose to use BATT power rather then Rx power, the Rx must have its own power source. The ArduPilot board will not power the Rx and servos by itself.
  • I plugged it into port 1 and 2, just to make sure it was not just the ESC output port. It may also be of note that it's a Futaba S3003, which is a "standard sized" servo - not the mini-servos usually associated with control surfaces.

    Also of note, I'm running on an external battery source, so the PSEL is jumped, not using a Batt+ESC on the input side.
  • What position are you plugging the servo into on the Ardupilot ?
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Dec 3, 2020