hello  to all im interested in accquiring a hexacopter or octocopter to make aerial photography in a short areas of field. 

im searching a solution RTF , that can carry a dslr camera (1.5 kg max) , an autonomy of 12 minuts and max altitude of 200 m ( this is not really important at all) . i've been searching on the web  , and i want a cheap solution . about 2500 usd max .

i found this  but i dont know if its able to move a dslr 

3DR hexacopter C , with some extras , total cost 1700 usd aprox ,  i know that needs a mount and a stabilizer for the camera.

you know some model that can be usefull for that purpose or similar? thanks in advance!

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The Steadidrone H6X would be perfect for mid-weight DSLR use, high end build, comes in a kit form that just about fits your budget:


The H6X is more than $6,000 RTF. The 3DR hexacopter is probably the best option that's RTF if sticking to the $2,500 budget. Depending on the camera it might be too heavy for the 3DR hexacopter. A point and shoot camera would be no problem (even for the 3DR quadcopter).

don't buy a steadidrone.....i have the octocopter version and it struggles with a dslr. build quality is also a nightmare..as is after sales service

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