The form fitting cockpit electronics rack kit includes 8 Nd-60 magnets to secure the rack to the Easystar foam cockpit cavity.  Slick.  About to install the magnetometer option to improve heading information.

This puts the magnetometer sensor 3cm from one Nd pair and 4cm from the partner pair (holding the front "dashboard").

Can anyone give me heads up on outcome - or should I take the magnets out and use good ol tape.

The performance so far has been picture perfect - enough to make excellent fine tuning adjustments. Don't want to take a big step backwards!


Appreciate any and all tribal knowledge inputs on this matter.


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I know that no one replied to this, but it is easy to test.

Hook up your APM2 and without it installed, see if the compass readings are ok.  Then, insert it into the plane and try again.  You'll have to rotate the plane through 360 degrees to see how the readings look like the Mission Planner.

The earth's magnetic field is pretty strong.  I suspect you'll see a minor variance.


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