Just saw this http://www.slrlounge.com/sony-officially-announces-new-qx1-e-mount-... and wondered if it will work for a light weight camera.

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The camera body weights 216 g but you need to attach a smartphone in order to be able to run timelapse application from playmemories (intervalometer for mapping) so you'll have at least 300 g.

On the other hand you have Sony A5000 with a body that weights 270 g.

I don't see the deal, only if you want to risk your smartphone too.

It has shutter button so you can leave the smartphone on the ground and rig a servo to trigger. Or hack the button to hardwire it.

Anyone using this camera yet?

It is not obvious from online info if video out for preview is available via the USB.

Clearly the video out via wifi presents problems with out normal RC gear.


I have one, still a work in progress due to gimbal poor setup. I have to suppress vibrations before going forward.

With a Sigma 19mm, weight is 350g. Wifi did not interfere with R/C setup but is not usable for in flight monitoring (no range). There is a pseudo usb plug to connect remote or video out. I have a VP-Systems remote ready for it.

I expect to use it for photo, not video.


Is that s Multiport usb? Will it trigger the camera?
I'm surprised it's so heavy. I have an a5100 with a Sigma 30mm and its 420g. I thought it would save more weight, but it's still significant. The next step is to remove the battery and replace with a voltage regulator.
Keep us posted!

The guys at DroneDeploy love this camera as their system is able to control the camera over WiFi real-time (it also feeds the images back to your phone via the 4G LTE network).  For mapping, you can get away without a gimbal and just fix it to your frame.  While the camera is almost a perfect fit for drone use, I figure the time spent figuring out how to control it isn't worth the loss of 150g or so (depending on your system).  I wouldn't be surprised to see a commercial interface surface in the market.  There are several other "lens cameras" as they are called by Sony, Kodak and some Chinese copycats. 

You shouldn't need a gimbal unless your trying to change where the
camera points. I'm in the midst of researching the QX1 for a aerial photo
platform too. This may be of value to group.

I have QX1 on a copter for agricultural surveying but have one issue.

The photos are taken vertically down but as the camera has an internal orientation sensor it keeps flipping which way is UP.

There seems to be no way to disable this.

Any help appreciated.

Here is the setup on my homemade gimbal with QX1 and ADC multispectral camera.

Hi Vince,

How are you controlling the camera?  Were you able to wire a trigger?

Hi Doug,

I am using a VP-Systems CAMremote-2A board. The Pixhawk communicates the CAMremote board with PCM and the camera is triggered through a proprietary USB lead from the board.


So we have been working to get this camera to be controlled from the Pixhawk via a companion computer. I already have the system working on a fixed wing platform and it can be controlled via mavlink commands from the ground or through a mission. This is an example of a map taken with the QX1 and processed with Pix4D. I will probably do a blog post about it in the future.


There does exist specific triggers for the camera that runs throught the multiport:


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