Wiring ArduCopter w/ no power distribution PCB

Greetings DIY guys,


I've been waiting for the ArduCopter frames to become available.

and would like to build a custom frame in the interim..

.the ArduCopter Manual shows power distribution  PCB....

is there  an alternative? Can we wire the arducopter with no power distribution board?

If so, does a schematic exist??




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  • Hi Toby,


    How do yo solve the problem ? We have the same problem and

    I would like to avoid making a new PCB.




  • Developer
    Sure, you can solder all power cables together and connect then to battery. Power PCB just helps doing those things and also gives possibility to expand functionality in future.

    We should start to have our new power pcbs during next week..
  • just solder the power lines together, no need for the pcb
    here is a shematic
  • Moderator
    I used:
    Works very nicely! Or, of course, you can just solder up a wire harness. Be creative.
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