[Wishlist] Auto-soft-landing on accidental throttle down

This is a public letter to APM developers:

I wonder if it's possible in the future to add a flight mode to APM where if you accidentally pull the throttle down the system engage a failsafe landing

a simple algorithm like (pseudo code):

var t1 = listenTo (apm.throttle1)

var t2 = listenTo (apm.throttle2) after 000.1sec

var diff = t2 - t2

if ( apm.altitude > 5m && diff > 400) 

do soft lower.altitude

else linear.throttle

my point is that we should have a mode, especially for aerial photography, not acro, where an accidental throttle decrease while flying at high altitude shoudl be prevented.


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        • That's not quite right - the one you're looking for is PILOT_VELZ_MAX (Pilot maximum vertical speed, on the Standard Params tab). This sets the rate that the craft will (try to) climb or descend if the throttle stick is fully up/down in alt-hold mode or other modes using the alt-hold throttle controller (including Loiter, PosHold).

          WPNAV_SPEED_DOWN is the rate it will descend in modes where the autopilot is fully in charge of the throttle, i.e. in Auto mode or in the first descent phase of RTL.

          Francesco, just be super careful that if you're using this to descend fast with the throttle stick at bottom, you don't switch into stabilize/drift/etc! As Tom says, it'll fall from the sky and possibly be unrecoverable. I have a transmitter mix to hold the throttle up for a few seconds in such a situation, as I did this more than once!

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