Oxfordshire, UK

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Messing about with a DJI F450 / APM quad for fun and aerial photography, hopefully getting to a point of using it for surveying


Bloxham, UK

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Harry Gibson replied to Franc's discussion [Wishlist] Auto-soft-landing on accidental throttle down
"That's not quite right - the one you're looking for is PILOT_VELZ_MAX (Pilot maximum vertical speed, on the Standard Params tab). This sets the rate that the craft will (try to) climb or descend if the throttle stick is fully up/down in alt-hold…"
Aug 22, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Daniel Paez's discussion new start with the ebee by Sensefly
"Really helpful review - thanks. I got quotes for one of these recently as the out-of-the-box idea is more appropriate for our company than the DIY approach - when you factor in staff time it may not be quite so overpriced as it seems. Apparently…"
Jul 24, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Finnius's discussion 9XR throttle too sensitive
"I've never used the sonar - we have one, but didn't find it necessary. altitude hold is accurate to within a few inches without it so it would only be necessary if you want to follow variations in the ground surface at a fixed distance. I believe…"
Jul 22, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Finnius's discussion 9XR throttle too sensitive
I wouldn't really recommend doing it this way. It's probably ok in modes where the throttle is under manual control (i.e. stabilise) but not ideal in alt-hold, loiter etc.
In those modes your throttle stick is used to request a particular…"
Jul 22, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Pedals2Paddles's discussion Gimbal for GoPro inside waterproof case?
"Just came across this resurrected thread.

Pedals, if you're still around, I have a Mobius Action Cam too. I've been flying with it hard mounted up to now but would really like to get a gimbal for it. Would you mind sharing what gimbal you're using…"
Jun 3, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.1 released!
"Yep, I just got caught out by this today. First time flying in several weeks (British weather!). Upgraded to 3.1.2 and latest Mission Planner. Did a quick scan of basic PIDs etc to check they still looked ok. Took off in stabilise. Instant flip and…"
Mar 1, 2014
Harry Gibson replied to Harry Gibson's discussion Warning of disaster on Tuning wiki page - can anyone elaborate?!
Thanks, I'll give that a try when I get a chance. But, if there is a problem then such a test wouldn't necessarily identify it. I would have thought that bad / intermittent data on a port from a dodgy connection could have more of an effect…"
Dec 10, 2013
Harry Gibson posted a discussion
After some off topic discussion on the Autotune support thread I read the current Tuning page on the wikihttp://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/tuning/Hidden away in the text of that page I found this little nugget which was new to me:My copter suddenly…
Dec 9, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"I've just had my first attempts with Autotune on -rc7... unfortunately unsuccessful so far. Dataflash log for one of the flights is attached, IMU logging was also turned on in this log and I have other logs without it.
I can see from the logs that…"
Dec 1, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Antonius Lourenço Kasbergen's discussion Loiter upward movement speed?
"This one is in the manual! It's PILOT_VELZ_MAX.
It affects all modes with non-manual throttle control i.e. alt-hold etc, not just Loiter."
Oct 28, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Hi devs and generally clever people,
Just posting here as I have been one of several people with very similar-sounding crashes recently in RTL or Loiter mode. There have been several threads but none have had the attention of any of the devs or…"
Sep 26, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Rob's discussion APM applied full pitch back and full throttle after engaging loiter
"This is quite interesting. You have probably already seen my thread describing a disastrous crash in RTL where the controller asked for (and got) full pitch and throttle despite there being no reason for it to do so.
From your description your crash…"
Sep 26, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Frank Rodgers's discussion Please help verify cause of RTL
"I've just had a crash that looks very similar to this: RTL went "crazy" resulting in full pitch and throttle being given resulting in the quad flying at top speed into the ground.
I've posted about it here with my log. Here's the bit from your log…"
Sep 13, 2013
Harry Gibson replied to Harry Gibson's discussion Bad crash in 3.0.1 - RTL full throttle into ground
"Here's an image from the log showing the section of the flight after RTL failsafe was triggered.
You can see that immediately RTL is engaged it starts giving a large pitch and roll input, matched by an increasing throttle which is probably coming…"
Sep 13, 2013
Harry Gibson posted a discussion
After my previous crash I've rebuilt my quad and had finally got it flying well, with excellent loiter performance which I tested earlier this week in strong winds and accurate RTL.Thought I was home and dry on the setup so tonight I set up Auto…
Sep 12, 2013
Harry Gibson posted a discussion
I've had a couple of crashes where for different reasons I have accidentally ended up in Stabilise mode, with the throttle stick at minimum. This resulted in motors stopping and my not being able to get them started again in time to stabilise and…
Aug 30, 2013