• do you want it to climb faster? or start climbing faster? 

    IF you want it to climb faster:

    I think Harry has it, the PILOT_VELZ_MAX controls the SPEED independent of the parameters of the throttle's PID controller, which sounds like what you  are describing here.

    IF you want it to start climbing faster:

    ...there is more to the system here. You may want the actual control loop to respond quicker.

    THR_RATE_ variables may provide the adjustment you are looking for. Some basic knowledge of PID controlers is helpful here. Keep in mind that there are P,I, and D for THR_RATE. if you increase P (the main driving variable), the THR control loop will react more aggressively. However, if you change one (P), you may/most likely need to tune at least the D term. In general, more P = more D albeit not at the same amount.

    Its hard to say with certanty which to tune with a small description like you have provided, Either way you choose to start tuning this, i suggest only trying one (either PILOT_VELZ_MAX or THR_RATE_) at a time to see how/if each effects the flight.

  • This one is in the manual! It's PILOT_VELZ_MAX.

    It affects all modes with non-manual throttle control i.e. alt-hold etc, not just Loiter.

  • Try Position Mode.
    It'll hold position and should give you total throttle control. Guess when you reach your altitude you can bring the stick back to your hover position and engage Loiter.
    Also there is a setting that's set to a default of 2.5 m/s ascent and 1.5 m/s decent. Haven't got a MP running to tell you the exact parameter but its in the full list. Maybe changing that'll help too.
  • Developer

    No one? Is there a way to increase the upward speed of loiter mode? 

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