Some time ago I posted (probably in a wrong category) info about my issues with reading logs in APM2.

I decided to record how it works here as it's totally random and erratic.

At 0:07 terminal seemed to work which surprised me (I was trying to connect like dozen of times before recording, no luck) so I missclicked the tab icon and.. that was the only time terminal was working that day. On the record it's small excerpt from my fight.

On the record I'm showing that "Log download" shows different result every time it's clicked. Absolutely random. Also, I'm showing that clicking on other buttons and hitting 3x [enter] does nothing. Notice however that I'm connected (params are read, sensors change data on "Flight data" tab). It's also strange that when I'm in "disconnected" state on most of the tabs, Planner shows that I'm connected on "Terminal" tab (and I'm not) so I must click "disconnect" and then "connect" again.

Anyway, when it happens to display some logs, the attempt to download them results in random effect: sometimes it's bunch of files, sometimes it's only .tlog files. Most of the time the only interesting files (.log) have 0 bytes.

And in very rare situation when proper .log file is being downloaded it has small amount of params logged. This last point is probably configurable somewhere but I was unlucky to find info in wiki about it.

So... any help will be appreciated.

Planner is 1.2.11 mav 1.0

APM2 was on 2.7.1 when logging and was updated to 2.7.3 yesterday, with no change to described behavior.

I have an issue with my quadrocopter, it yaws a lot when changing throttle or leaning making video recording extremely hard (hard to guess where camera will be pointing) and makes only "simple" mode usable. I wanted to check logs to look for the issue but I'm unable to do so.

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Your not giving the terminal window time to connect before selecting the Logs window.

Also, terminal window is independent from the 'connect' button. You don't need to connect using the 'connect' button to use the terminal window.

Open PM, connect APM, click 'Terminal' tab and wait for the logon messages to stop appearing.

type 'help' to make sure your connected and it is responding if you are unsure.

THEN click on the 'Logs' button.

Hmm, that is surprising. Maybe it would be good to add such info there or even remove "connect" button as this is totally confusing. Thanks for the info!

However, files .log consists only of:

ArduCopter V2.7.3
Free RAM: 877

I'll try once again with 2.7.3 (current logs were done with 2.7.1).

As for the latter part of the post, how to enable other params to be logged? Is there a part of the wiki I missed?

I agree that it is very confusing with the current interface.

Even after I follow the right steps it still sometime doesn't work. It just prints unreadable characters forever and never does anything useful.

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