World's Smallest Mode C Transponder

Sagetech is pleased to introduce a new transponder to be
released in the 4th quarter of 2010. Having designed the (then) world's
smallest Mode C transponder for the Insitu ScanEagle UAV, this new
design (XPST Mode S) is even smaller and uses less power.

The XPST-9509-01-1 is a full featured Mode-S Transponder certified for use in the US and Europe. It will also be offered in a Mode C variant. It features an integrated encoding altimeter, is smaller than a deck of playing cards, and consumes less than 3 watts of electrical power from a 10V to 35V DC supply. This device represents the state of the art in miniaturization and is well suited for applications where size and weight are critical, such as in small UAV's.

  • Includes an altitude encoding altimeter.
  • Supports ELS, EHS, and can be used as an ADS-B receiver via extended squitter.
  • Available with or without a control head (used in manned aircraft),
  • Suitable for use up to 15,000 feet.
I can't wait to get one for my FunJet !!!

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  • Hi guys 

    IS this technology could replace TCAS in our UAV ? 

  • Unfortunately a TSO'd XPDR is dead weight w/out a Type Certificated airframe to fly it in and you shouldn't be anywhere near enough to manned aircraft to make it useable w/TCAS!!
  • Hi all,

    I work for Sagetech Corp and I would like to make a couple corrections to the content on this page. I understand most of the article came from our website, which has been updated.

    The transponder is Class 1, meaning it has no height restriction and can operate well above 15,000 feet. The only height limitation comes with the Altitude Encoder, which is only certified to 35,000 feet.

    Also, this transponder is truely revolutionary because it is offered in the Mode S (the next generation of transponders) variant.

    Attached is a file that contains the full info product for the transponder.

    Sagetech Mode S Transponder eBrochure.pdf

  • Moderator
    Mode C won't cut the mustard. I like the idea of having a virtual one, by retransmitting from the GCS position and Alt data taken from the UAS, that was a very smart idea from Earl.

    I wonder how the CAA and FAA will handle the call sign coding.
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