WPNAV parameters changed to 0 after autotune??

I just did an autotune and was scanning the full list of parameters after and noticed that some of the WPNAV parameters got changed to 0. I'm not sure if they were like this before but it doesn't seem they should be 0.

Also it's impossible to scroll down completely to see the last item but it's WPNAV_SPEED_UP I believe. I haven't flown waypoints in a few months but remember tweaking these settings such as slow up and slow down.




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  • How can I see this data in the TLogs? I opened one in APM Planner but don't see where these parameters are. Tried opening in textedit but got this:

    n(3’.ò˛◊2æWPNAV_SPEED lœ(3’.üÿ˛ÿ2øWPNAV_RADIUS Ö0(3’0I†˛Ÿ2¿WPNAV_SPEED_UP pô(3’0a˛⁄2¡WPNAV_SPEED_DN P¥(3’0d¯˛€2¬WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED ∏#(3’2®˛‹»B2√WPNAV_ACCEL ®](3’2.˛›»B2ƒWPNAV_ACCEL_Z ès(3’25–˛fizD2≈WPNAV_LOIT_JERK

    • open in APM planners's Graph view, then |look in the grid - it's not always in tlog, depends of when you booted, whatever APM planner already had the parameters loaded.   so dataflashlog is better that way

      • I tried that but only had data flash logs from the previous month and they all showed the same data so this wasn't changed by autotune.

        Where can I find what the default values should be for these WPNAV parameters?

        Now I think what might have happened. I've noticed before that sometimes all the parameters don't get loaded when connected via telemetry. If you then change one and press write then those zeros get written. Do you know if this is a known problem? Makes me wonder what others got changed to 0.

        • yes, I think you are right -  I don't think there are any logic to catch that.

          this could work in the other "simple" tuning views - but could not happen in full parameter view.

          one thing you could do to prevent this from happening, is to see if 100% or parameters are loaded before using those features, or click "read" if that's an option.

          • Yes I try to do that, or only make changes in full parameter view so I can make sure all values loaded before I make a change and write back. It would be good if there was a solution to this because making changes over a slow connection could cause this to happen and make a lot of parameters 0 without the user being aware. Maybe there could be a way to monitor this in APM Planner so that until it loads all the parameters fully, it will not allow a write to happen.

            • Already reported :) https://github.com/diydrones/apm_planner/issues/869

              • Andre, do you know what the default values are for these or where I can find?






                I know I could guess at the values but would like to get them nearby before I start trying them. Would be good if defaulted values were indicated like the range is indicated so we can see if anything is really off.

                • well, the proper/safest/best way to determine any strange changes you may have, and compare to what's default for your firmware would be:

                  -backup parameteres to .param file

                  -reset dataflash format (factory reset)

                  -compare with backup, import what you need

                  but to answer your question:


                  • Thanks! I will make the backup and check it that way.

              • Thanks Andre!

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