I have finished building up my x quad up to an x8 coax configuration.  I found the diagram for wiring the motors as per the Wiki for APM 2, and have double checked the actual motor wiring by listening for the esc beep as I disconnected the motors 1 by 1.  She is mechanically ready to fly!

BUT!  I am running into issue with firmware.  I thought the x8 coax firmware was available via the Planner, but I am finding  the oct firware in planner is not the correct firmware for X8 coax.  Am I correct in this assumption, because the motors test looks nothing like the video of the x8 on the wikli. 

Question 1-- Do I have to load x8 coax setup via arduino?

Question 2-- is this cofiguration going to be available via APM in the near future?

Question 3-- Assuming the x8 config is not in Planner...Can someone point me to a how to on loading x8 coax firmware via arduino?



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  • MR60


    I am going to convert my actual Quad to a X8, like you did.

    Are there any particular points that I should pay attention to , concerning the mechanical and/or electrical build ?

    I plan to use smaller props on top (10")  and larger props on bottom (11") as i've heard that this optimizes the X configuration efficiency. Did you try that yet ?

  • Well, I tried to change the APM Config file to Octo Quad like the examples posted. But when I compile, it gives bunch of errors. I know I selecting the right board too.  Is there anything else I am missing?

  • SUCCESS! Had to start all over with original arducoptor file, made changes and it uploaded finally!..  Thanks ADAM! +1!

  • Developer

    You will need to define that at compile time. I'm not sure on the timeline for being including in the MP, but there has been discussion of adding more MP features so it may be soon. Here is the wiki for using Ardunio: http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/Code

    The main thing is to uncomment (by removing the "//" prefix from a line of code) the line that has the frame defined. If you pull down the code and refer to the wiki you will see what i am referring to. If you get to any specific questions after following the wiki just post back here and I will try to help you out.

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