Hi, I am wanting to run the ARDUPLANE Board in RC plane, and use the data from that via Mavlink to show the realtime flight on X-Plane.


I can get the RC TX to control the X-Plane, but what I want is for the X-Plane to just look at the Raw data, GPS, INU, ASI, ALT. and use this to show what is going on in the plane via X-Plane.


I am sure this has been asked before, so if it has, I am sorry :)

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See http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Xplane

Just replace the USB cable for telemetry link of your choice

so you want to fly a real plane, and have it simulated live in xplane?

Yes.. Want to watch the flight live on x-plane as students do their first solo... Is. This possible?

the only thing i worry about is the power of the pc needed to do this in real time. does it need to be realtime? or would via log playback work ok as well?

The performance of the xplane end is not a concern, computer at that end is an eight core :)
can the APM send data to x-plane as if it was another aircraft in dual player mode, that way I could just look from the control tower view and see the aircraft flying. Would need to add an altitude offset to match xplane to the actual APM altitude from arduplane.

Mac link has all the data in it that is required.

With the sim firmware, doesn't that just allow the board to get its sensor data from xplane and send commands back to fly it?

What I want is for the sensors on the ardupilot to directly position an aircraft in x-plane, via a telemetry link.

Hi, You can't use the SIM firmware in this case. You would need to use the normal firmware. Looking at it you may need to configure x-plane so that it was only seeing data from MP and not sending ATTITUDE/GPS data as in the SIM config?

OR you may need to configure it as in SIM arrangement. MP is just a data proxy. When x-plane sends data to MP and it forwards the data to APM the normal FW would (should!) ignore those messages about ATTITUDE/GPS data?

In the wiki it states (not sure if it is fixed)

HIL_MODE_SENSORS is not currently (Jan 2012) working. HIL_MODE_ATTITUDE informs ArduPlane of the attitude of the plane but not the accelerations or roll rates. HIL_MODE_SENSORS originally was going to inject the lower level physics into the real sensor code, from which would (hopefully) be derived the same or similar attitude figures, plus more information from the Barometer and so on.

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