Hi folks!

I've just got my APM2 set up with X-plane 9 and before I've made any changes to pid settings, I find that every plane I've flown will not snap to level when stabilize is activated.  In fact, all of them climb, some more aggressive than others.  Wouldn't the stabilize routine see the attitude of the plane and adjust pitch to correct it?  

Or am I missing something very obvious?

Thank you for your advice!


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Well, with default PIDs, there won't be any "snap."

In stabilize mode, it should be attempting to level itself if the sticks are centered. Perhaps you haven't done the radio setup?

FBW-A is a different story (and a better mode.) It causes the aileron stick to directly control the roll angle.

Hey spagoziak

did you find the problem? I have the same issue... 



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