• Got mine set up and flies decently, but not great. Having tuned params to compare would be very helpful.
  • good evening.

    my brother and i have no less than 7 or 8 mini-talons operating... and are in the middle of setting up 3 more this week.   earlier ones all have APM2.4 systems.... new ones will be APM2.6 with latest 3DR radios and latest GPS. i will make a point of documenting the final set up/params... and when confirmed with flight tests will do some screen captures and share this.  hope that will help


  • I recently installed apm 2.6 on my mini talon. I know I did the level calibration and accel calib correctly, HUD is saying level, and I think (?) I did the vtail setup correctly (maybe) but in fbwa/stab the plane pitches nose down. I went over settings and on the bench same thing, vtail is putting nose down. Any thoughts?
    • Hello David did you solve the problem

  • Greetings,

    I have four of the Talon-Mini's up and running using APM2.4.1 internals... all fly GREAT! and have become showcase UAVs for my research.  I do substantial internal reinforcement and modification to carry the batteries and the camera systems that I use in my research (much of it near-remote sensing, IR mappings, etc).   All fly fabulous, but the V-tail continues to  bring some questions to mind about the Ardupilot navigation...

    I would be happy to share my PID/Params  files with anyone, but the tuning was pretty straight forward...   I have all of mine set up with V-tail mixing performed only by the APM, no external mixers, no special mixing by the Spektrum DX7s Tx.   I have over 100    45-minute flights on one aircraft, and at least a dozen each on the others.

    My only real trouble is with stuff that  should not cause trouble - like executing the LOITER....   I get questionable results when I should be getting simple clean 60 m radius right hand  turns like my 14 other APM-powered UAVs...

    These are my only V-tails... and I am having some  suspicions about how the V-tails implement standard LOITER turns.... does anyone else have APM-mixed V-tails up and working with the LOITER and RTL behaviors?

    Dr. Michael Vogt

    • I would love to get params for the Mini Talon.  Please post a screenshot of your basic tuning screen if possible.  Setup of servo linkages would also be helpful.


  • Hi,

    this run well for me.

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  • Bump. This Talon is an incredible platform with tons of access to internals and modular swappable camera pods for the front. Would love to get this into use for photogrammetry but the PID config is relatively new to me. Any help on this?

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