I've notice a few things. First of all, Avroto Motors are like Rolex's, fantastic build quality and presentation. They feel amazing. I also like the Xaircraft Frame for the price. Its a nice package for what I need.

I've encountered a few issues with mounting the Avroto 2814s however.

Motors are mounted to the Xaircraft Hexacopter CF using a motor plate with 2x 19mm holes and 2x 14mm holes and then that plate is bolted to the arm using 3 screws in a diamond pattern. No biggie I was planning on using the 19mm holes, and thread lock and keeping an eye on them. I'd prefer to use all 4 screws but without fabricating or drilling the carbon with holes (which will put the 19mm and 14mm holes real close causing weakness)

The motor mounts mounted to the arms using 3 screws as recommended:


Another issue was the center shaft hole on the motor plate, it needed to be enlarged in order to fit the Avroto 2814 C-clip  and let it spin easily. This was fixed with enlarging the center hole. Not a big deal.

Enlarged center hole for c-clip:

The real problem occurs with the buttons crew\s that mount the Xaircraft Motor plate to the xaircraft arm. The screw head hits the base of the Avotos. Only one screw fits in the "slot" on the motor. Making for a lopsided uneven mount to the motor plate. 



Tilted out due to the screw visible...


I know people on the forums have used these motors before but I don't understand how I must be missing something.  The motor plate>arm screws hit the motors outer diameter. I found a thread earlier that I should have bookmarked where a guy made a double height spacer so that the motor was raised, he could use all 4 mount holes (drilled them) and added a layer to raise the motor a bit. A guy has offered to make the motor adapters with The Avroto Mounting holes so I can use all 4 screws, but the arm mounting screws hitting the motor still remains. A spacer of sime kid would be needed :/

I know I'm not the only one running this setup, as I saw this configuration numerous times in my research before ordering all the components.

I apologize if I'm rambling, its late and I am suffering from chronic pain...




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  • I should mention that I am having some problems with the setup. I'm not sure if it's refresh rate on the ESC's to the NAZA but it acts like it's starving for juice when I give it alot of throttle. Kind of a galloping rpm, it's worse on 4s than on 3s. I didnt have this when I was running the hackers.
  • I've got these mounted on the X650. I used the stock mounts that i used a dremel to cut half moon opening on so it would fit around the bolts for the plate. I did have to drill the extra holes in the plate but it's still plenty strong. If you need pics let me know.

  • anyone? A couple people on this forum have this exact setup just curious what mods they did/spacers.

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