Xbee 2.4 GHz problem

Today during the trial when i switched the Lipo on my hexa jdrones Arducopter, just after some seconds My Mission planner showed voltage less than 8.0 volts though i had plugged in my fully charged Lipo. I disconnected the Xbee Mission planner, took the battery connections out, checked with the multimeter. It was showing ~12 volts i replugged in the lipo but since then my Xbee transmitter (i.e. on the aircraft side) is not showing its led ON. When i try to connect it using mission planner, time out occurs. I flew the mission after it manually without the aid of mission planner (Xbee) and the mission ran through the normal lipo time. What might have gone wrong? Why my Xbee 2.4 GHz on Aircraft side is not working.

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