Question – Will the ArdupilotMega MAVLink work with the XBEE Pro 900 XSC?  Everything works until I to try to connect to the telecom (XBEE) system, and then I get the following message:


“Is your CLI switch in Flight position?

(this is required for MAVLink comms)


Getting Params…(sysid1)


System.Exception:Time out on read – getParamList

at ArdupilotMega.MAVLink.Open(Boolean getparams)

at ArdupilotMega.MainV2.MenuConnect_Click(Object sender, EvenArgs e)”


I went to the Sparkfun Web site and noticed there is a difference between the Xbee Pro 900 XSC (9.6 kpbs Max data rate) and the XBee Pro 900 (156 Kbps RF Baud rate).  My guess is that I bought the wrong Xbee unit.  If not, what do you think the issue is?  If so, is there some way to make the XSC work?


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I have the same units and the data rate limit is 9600. This is too low for the arduPliot and the serial data piles up and it crashes the link. Im working on lowering the output of the AP so I can use these xbees.

Let us know if you had any luck.

Hi Dylan!

I am in the same case and I really would like to get those Xbee to work.

I've one connected on the Ardupilot and the other one via an xbee explorer to the PC.

The strange thing is that I can see all the data coming from the plane on the APMPlanner but I cannot send any PID change or mission command to the plane...

Any luck in getting the AP to "speak slower"?


No luck. I had to buy 2 900 pro's from sparkfun.


That's really a pity...

I still hope to find any solution before buying other xbees,,,

Thanks for your advice anyway!

If you do, let me know because I could use the extra range.

where you buy the kit??, beacuase i dont know where.

I went to

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