Xbee and Ardupilot

I have a problem connecting the pc (ground station) with the ardupilot using xbee. i have two xbees (XBP24-Z7) 2.4GHZ

what i exactly do is:

1- configure each xbee on x-ctu to communicate with each other with a baudrate of 57600. one is configured as coordinater AT and the other as a Router AT

2- i disconnect the router and connect it to the Ardupilot using the telemetery cable. the source of power that the ardupilot get is only from the battery.

3- i open the x-ctu on the pc where the coordinator is connected and do test/Quiry test then i open mission planner choose the com port where the xbee is connected and choose baudrate 57600.

4- i then press connect and the process fails.

i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me find a solution to this problem or help me know what i do wrong.

Thanks in advance


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  • yes i have the same problem , and i cant solve it too

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