This is not clear to me, but do I have to do anything with the xbee before unplugging from the laptop?


I have disconnected from mavlink but not sure if it is meant to be stopped like a usb stick when unpluggin from the usb port.



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you can do either, as you have already "disconnected" pulling the plug does not result in any dataloss. if you want however you can use the safely remove option as well though. as for usb sticks, i would use the eject option

Just a note, that since the latest release of ArduPlane and the 1.0.66 of the Planner, I have not had any Xbee issues. Previously I was bricking around every second flight but that issue seems to have now gone.


the latest firmwares both AC and AP targeted this. so it should be fixed

thanks, i have now updated the firmware and ran a test flight early today, I still get some weird responses if I unplug the usb in the wrong order, so I will just be careful, thanks for the input.


I used to have the occasional xbee brick on me for no apparent reason. It turned out that I had an intermittent loose ground that was corrupting the unit. Reheating all my solder joints on the USB adapter and making a new cable for the airborne side corrected the problems.

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