Xbee : Does it work or not ???

there are a few thread's about this.

But ATM my xbee don't work. If i do the test (xbee at terminal and range test) then everything work fine, so the connection between the two modules are ok.


Can someone please tell here how to configurate that the xbee's working , so i can do PID tuning without usb Cable.



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  • There is unstable connection with USB to ACM. CLI mode is working,  PID tuning is working, but others are not. Sometimes, when you restart board, connection is fine.

    The connection using USB must be more stabile.


  • Developer

    AC2 Beta 3 has now MAVLink activated as default. So you don't need to put any extra lines unless you want to use different settings.


    Only like what I use for telemetry and XBees is "#define SERIAL3_BAUD  115200" due i'm running my Xbees with 115k speed. Default is 57600.


    There are no special tricks to be made to make it working. Just ensure that your XBee's are properly configured and that they are XBee PRO modules. NOT Series 2 as Series 2 has been having problems to stay in connect.


    After you get them to talk to each other. It will be easy to use them as telemetry/configuration changes.


    Just make sure that all ports/modules are talking with correct speed, your rx/tx cables are in right order, your comport on GCS computer is correct with correct speed, your xbees talks to each other properly.


    If you want to be 100% sure about the configurations and you know how to use Arduino IDE, sure you can still put those 3 lines to your APM_Config.h. It does not hurt but as said, they are activated now as default.

  • I'm in the same situation -- I can't get Xbee to work with ArduCopter 2 (Beta 3) and ArdupilotMegaPlanner config.

    I tried and tested the "port 3" test and that worked, but then XBee still does not work with ArduCopter 2 (Beta 3).

    I noticed that for the "port 3" test, I can see the Tx LED on the APM XBee blink, but it doesn't blink at all when I use Arducopter 2 code.

    In an earlier thread, it was suggested that 3 defines need to be added to APM_config.h. In the code I downloaded, those lines exist in config.h. Do I still need to add them to APM_Config.h?


    I'm talking about:

    #define GCS_PORT                  3
    #define SERIAL3_BAUD           57600  (or 115200 depending on your telemetry modems)



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