Xbee doesn't work any more with new software

Hey guys,

thanks for the great new software. I love all the functions there are and everything works great.


Except my xbee modules I used before with Ardupirates don't work any more with the new Software. I didn't change the settings and the BAUD rate is still 115200.


I just flashed the new software...that's all.


Any ideas?

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  • i test the 2,4 xbee but noting works.

     the xbee is working ok with the 57600 speed i test it with the loop test.


    it looks like com 3 is not open in the software.

  • Ok now i guess its my turn I changed my xbee settings but the Tx/Rx lights on the IMU are not responding to any xbee signals.  I tried the xbee test in the CLI but even then the lights do not flicker on the IMU.  the xbee lights come on just not the IMU
  • Thank you so much.

    I was so excited to flash the new firmware I totally overread this part.

    Thanks for the information.

    Best regards
  • THe new software uses 57600 on the tele port  re-flash your xbee's to 57600.     
  • 3D Robotics
    On AC2 the Xbees run at 57k (like APM). Please see the manual.
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