I was wondering if there is any other alternative for the XBee explorer USB as sparkfun is out of stock on that and I want to be able to to have it connect to a laptop instead of going with the ardustation. I tried doing a google search for others who may have it and all that I could find were out of stock. I would be willing to put my own together if I new what parts I needed to order. Thanks for any input.

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You could use an Arduino Mega (it has more than 1 UART) to do the translating, but that's kind of an expensive, ludicrous overkill.

Depending on the kind of work you need to get done you could get away with an FTDI cable and a power regulator.

I have the Sparkfun converter, but also use this one which is five dollars cheaper and has more status lights:


download the schematic from sparkfun and it should have all the things you need and make your own
Thanks Thomas for good alternate site, few other things in the site are interesting too
the ardufruit adapter will work with a FTDI cable/adapter:
Excellent find, Thomas. That looks terrific. Does it work as well as the Sparkfun unit?
Thanks Thomas was exactly what i was looking for, my google-foo has become weak lately.
If I were to use this adapter I would just need the ftdi to usb cable and would work in the same manner as the other one? If thats the case Why would people go the other route when doing so this way is cheaper? Is there some downfall I am not grasping or something along those lines.

Thanks everyone

I have used it and the Sparkfun converter with the Xbee 900 MHz Pros on my Aeroquad quadrarotor and both worked just fine communicating with the Aeroquad Seeeduino Xbee Shield.

Hope this helps.

Com'on guys, it is just plain "Tom". :-)

Thanks Thomas! I was going to post this one


Comes from Italy but yours is a much better deal. Thank you.
The reason I use the Sparkfun USB adapter is that it's just less fussy and messy in the field. The USB connector fits more solidly than the FTDI, and I've got shorter USB cables than the FTDI cable. Just really a matter of less cable clutter and risk of disconnections.
OK thanks for the clarification. SparkFun now as these adapters in stock just got an email about an hour ago saying they are back in stock.

I will be posting a blog of my build shortly. Thanks for everyones help so far

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