Could I hook up an x-bee directly to a video camera and hook it's partner [x-bee] to a tv or video capture card and have a video tx/rx? Here are the parts I would use:


x-bee explorer


for programing the x-bee's

just throwing an idea out there


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You need a video transmitter and receiver designed for the purpose that will take the analogue video signal transmit it, and generate an analogue video signal at the receiver. An Xbee is a digital networking device for transmitting data. Whilst a video signal could be digitised you would need some relatively sophisticated equipment to act as a digital video link - certainly not an Xbee.

Yes & no !!
Actually formatting video data in a way that would be acceptable to an X-Bee module would be tricky but not impossible; the main restriction I think would be the data rate. See the discussion at

I've been thinking along the same lines having got my X-Bee link transferring the data I need but have concluded that it would be (far) easier to use a dedicated video link.
My next problem is ' can I use a 2.4GHz video link in conjunction(i.e. parallel) with an X-Bee data link?' Conventional wisdom seems to be no, because of interference, but I might try it anyway.

Simon Warner
As long as you use 900Mhz Xbees (or similar frequency far from 2.4 GHz), video at 2.4Ghz is no problem.
My quadrotor used a 2.4GHz bluetooth link for telemetry and the moment I turned on the 2.4GHZ wireless video the telemetry link died. I suppose if you replaced the antennas you might be able to get it to work, but my solution is going to be to use WiFi for everything since zigbee doesn't have enough bandwidth for video.

Gumstix Overo + Webcam + WiFi should allow me to send down a live video feed and telemetry. I am hopig it has enough spare processing power to do some basic computer vision tasks for automatic landing.
The data rate is a non-starter. Xbee is designed for serial communications at a max of 230kbps. That's too slow for any kind of decent video.


Thankyou very much for your answer.


Agree with Anderson.

The data rates of these products are very prohibitive.

Don't confuse operating frequency with data rate. 

2.4 Ghz Xbee products as well as 800 Mhz products have data rates below 250kbps.


*At Work* we have fancy HDL code to do compression at either end to pump though the xBee. I know its done on the Honeywell dual copter here.... I'm just saying I've seen it done in industry before. Also, our usual video sensors are omnivision camera cube products, $12 SMD video devices that already can give you JPEG's and PPM's  right off the bat. at 40 or so fps.

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