Hi all, I had purchased the Xbee 1mW Wire Antenna modules from Sparkfun. Also, I am using the Sparkfun Xbee Explorer Dongle for the PC side while the ardupilot side is the Xbee Explorer Regulated.

May I know do we configure only Xbee Explorer Dongle into PC in order to contact to the Xbee module?

However, on the ardupilot side, how do we connect the Xbee to the Ardupilot Shield as I'm using the Xbee Explorer Regulated instead of the recommended Adafruit Xbee Adapter?

Sorry as I'm new to wireless communication and thanks if anyone can help me.

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Hi Jeslin~
Thanks for the reply, Scott.

However, I'm using the red Ardupilot so does it apply the same rule as ardupilot mega? Sorry I'm new here. Thank you.
I wasted a lot of time on this very issue yesterday. It turns out that the XBee Explorer might have an issue with the 900 MHz XBee Pro. I found these two threads to be useful:



I went ahead and shorted out the diode that they mention in that first link, but before I tested it, I tried Jordi's XtreamBee Board from the DIYDrones store and it worked right away. I have not gone back to test the Sparkfun board since my real goal is to get some DGPS stuff working, not putz around with XBees.
I'm using the Sparkfun Xbee Explorer dongle on the ground station side with a 2.4GHz Xbee Pro 2.5 and the Mega with no problems so far. Under linux it just shows up as another ttyUSBX device. On the APM side I use the diydrones board. Then again, I haven't tested it that much yet (e.g., only short range indoors). I remember some configuration was required to make the two talk to each other but this was all non-Arduino specific.
Thanks for the reply and your help (:
May I know how do we interface the Xbee Explorer Regulated on the Ardupilot Shield with the Xbee Explorer Dongle on my PC? And can we connect the FTDI Cable directly to the Xbee Explorer Regulated?

Thanks for the help (:
Have you had any luck in your application of the Xbee Explorer Regulated on the APM?

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