xbee interference with airspeed

Hello again,

Now i write asking for help about xbee 868 and airspeed.

I have an airspeed:


When I connect APM to mission planner (MP), MP shows airspeed readings ok. The problem comes when I have attached xbee to apm and sending data. No matter if APM is connected to MP with USB or xbee, just having xbee power on and sending data makes MP to give bad readings (i think due to rf interference):

APM ------------ USB---------PC




xbee 868

I have read a similar post here, and in that post touch with hand or screwdriver the wire antenna makes airspeed reading works, but I have not been so lucky. I have tried closing xbee inside a metal box, changing the wire with a a better antenna (like this one http://airhacks.org/wp-content/uploads/xbeeDuck.jpg), 57600 and 9600 bps, but nothing solves the problem.

It shows always 0m/s, but if I blow strong, then readings give me 40kph-70kph.

My APM is APM v1.4, so due to size limits i can't put APM into CLI mode, so I am not be able to test it with CLI.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

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  • Try putting a ferrite ring on your airspeed wire and this interference should stop.
    You should make about three or four turns.

  • I forgot to mention that it works ok when thereis no xbee, just only usb

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