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I have purchased from Jdrone the XBee PRO 900Mhz, Wire module for vehicle and XBee PRO 900Mhz, RPSMA module for GCS and which states the following,

"Fully assembled, configured and tested telemetry set. All that you need to make your UAV to talk with ground station computers or similar.

This packet contains:

XBee PRO 900Mhz, Wire module for vehicle XBee PRO 900Mhz, RPSMA module for ground 900Mhz Duck Antenna for ground unit Regulated XBee adapter for vehicle connection USB adapter for ground station Cable to connect your adapters

Modules are properly paired and tested. Baud rate choices can be chosen from side menu."

I have them both plugged in but cant seem to get them to talk from the APM to the GCS. I assume baud rate should already be set as stated in the blurb?

When I connect them both, APM first and USB adapter second, the blue light is solid on both, so power all ok. The Xbee unit connected to the APM also has the IC yellow led flashing every half second. The Xbee adapter connected with USB to the laptop has only the RSSI red on solid.

I open the GCS and set the correct com port (com7), select 57600 and click connect. I get the box for Mavlink Connecting and "Timeout in 29"

While this is happening the USB adapters red LED is still solid red and the RX yellow LED flashes twice per second.

On the Xbee on the APM the red RSSI LED comes on solid for about 4 seconds and then goes off. The IC yellow led flashing every half second all this time.

The GCS eventually times out and doesn't connect.

On the APM I do have the Lipo connected to ensure good power supply and not using the USB.

I notice the red RSSI LED on the Xbee USB adaptor is on when the APM is powered up and off when it is disconnected. So there does seem to be some communication between them. Just nothing showing up in the GCS.


How can I check if baud rate of 57600 is set correct using CLI? or Arduino? How to set it up in these if wrong?

How can I connect the APM Xbee to the laptop if I need to change the baud rate without the APM board? I made a USB cable with jumpers but the computer doesn't recognize it when I plug it in.(Grd and + conected properly and two signal wires have tried a few combinations)

What settings and where in GCS need to be done if any?

Further. I also noted in the manual it sates set the VID and your example was 999. But I don't know what VID is and cant find it in the X-CTU program.



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    John, You are not only one.. There were few other cases like yours. It seems that one our new employee accidentally shipped out tested but final configuration was missing on those XBee modules. Please contact contact@jdrones.com about the issue and we will handle it from there.

    Our people are not educated more about these tiny modules :)

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