xBee Pro 900 kit expectations?

Hi people,I've finally received and built my APM full kit with the xBee Pro 900 kit add on for telemetry. The xbee seems to receive the telemetry from the APM/IMU through AMP Planner really well.The only thing not clear in my mind is if I should be expecting the ability to send data back to the APM/IMU using the xbee?I can go into the terminal tab in APM Planner and connect with the APM via the usb cable direct to the APM however if I select the port that the xbee is on and do the same it does not seem to connect at all.Do I need to wire up the xbee to the IMU differently to what the guide says on this site to be able to have two way coms with the APM and the laptop?Thanks,John

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  • Hang on, it does look like the APM responds to flight mode commands in APM Planner via the Actions tab (while APM has it's mode switch set to flight mode). So it looks like the CLI terminal is no go via xbee (with the APM mode switch set to CLI mode).

    Can someone confirm or deny this?

    Also, still waiting on info regarding the joystick option in APM Palnner. Really want to know it it can send roll/pitch/yaw/throttle inputs via the xbee. Separate thread...

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