Xmas list help!

What should I put on my Xmas list the UAV v2 Development Platform from spark fun or the ArduIMU+ V2 (Flat) No High-Pass Filter from diydrones store??I have an Arduino bread board kit and have loaded the code and tied it into xplane I'm ready to go with one of these but I can't figure out which is better. Thanks!

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  • Purchased the SparkFun UAV DevBoard, Should be here Monday. I'll wait till Xmas to open it of course. Now I'm guessing the Pickit3 is just as good as as 2? I'm just being lazy I know but I'm sure you wont mind sharing your experience and knowledge. LOL. :D Can't wait for free day @ Sparkfun.com!
  • Thanks for the speedy reply! Thanks Chris your right, I'll go with the UAV DevBoard. I was hoping it would be easier to participate in the Diydrones community (Ardupilot) if I were to go with the ArduIMU but as Oliver pointed out it wouldn't meet the needs of a truly autonomous guidance system independent of environmental input. I imagine an Ardupilot thermophile based UAV becomes difficult after the sun goes down.

    The reason I asked is I have a feeling as soon as I buy the UAV DevBoard some ones coming out with something better. :D

    Love the site by the way! Thanks!
  • UAV Devboard would be my choice because it has been tested by several people on DIYDrones, it is fully functional, just remember you need to purchase a separate ICD2 or PICKit2 programmer to write code to the Devboard prior to flying.
    The ArduIMU looks promising too but it is not yet fully implemented in the ArduPilot code so for now you would have to stick to the old thermopiles.
    According to Chris, they will release something in Q1 2010. If you absolutely need an 6DOF IMU with working stabilization code, Way Point Nav and altitude hold for Xmas, the UAV devboard would be the best choice.
    Check out Brian Cuervo, NS Rana and Bill Premerlani's posts, it will shed more light on what this board can do.
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    Hi Mathew, Xmas repeats every year , ;)=) , Go for the one you can handle/get away with this year's wish list. My wish list has both but will be happy to get at least one of my wish granted :p
  • 3D Robotics
    Better for what? They do totally different things....(UAV DevBoard is an autopilot, ArduIMU+ is an IMU/AHRS)
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