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Hello All, 

I have been in the process of trying to use a set of 1W xTend modules for telemetry with the ardupilot. They have been configured to the correct baud rate settings and can communicate to each other through XCTU, but they receive nothing when connected to the ardupilot. Is anybody else using a set up similar to this or have any ideas of what might be going on? Are there any other settings (other than baud rate) which need to be configured differently?

(I have been connecting the tx pin on ardupilot to the DI pin on the xTend)


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  • If you're still interested, Colin, (or anyone else following this discussion), I'd refer you to my discussion -> http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/xtend-apm2-gcs-solution-and-more-...

    I found a few solutions that work well.

  • I have had successes with the Xtend Module using the logic converter from the Xbee pro interface PCB on my APM1.

    as above reducing the Transmit power of the module is a must for initial bench test as i had issues with the APM directly powering the module.

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    Hi Colin,
    Exactly same story here until I figured out whats was wrong, Are you using level converters if your radios are 3.3v TTL ? you need to cross the rx-tx one side , I had similar issue , once connected via logic converter and respective power supply system , the data radios started working. My setup for airside( without the original radio development board

    AC4790 data radio >straight 4 wire connections to LV side > logic converters>HV side> rx tx crossed> RS232 to USB breakout( you could leave this and connect to your AP serial port

    note: Reduce power to lowest while bench testing else garbage,
    Note the port no in ftdi side bar and you could use windows hyper term to test also.

    Ground side( GCS) could use similar setup or you can use the development board with radio piggy backing.
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