Bristow, VA

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm currently working on an internship project to get a UAV in the air and streaming video.

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Paul Hoi posted a discussion
I've recently been refining a technique for capturing MAVLINK packets via Wireshark and I could really use a virtual COM port in order to properly connect.  This would work perfectly, except the Mission Planner will not list or recognize anything…
Jul 24, 2012
Paul Hoi replied to Colin Ho's discussion xTend Modules
"If you're still interested, Colin, (or anyone else following this discussion), I'd refer you to my discussion -> http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/xtend-apm2-gcs-solution-and-more-...
I found a few solutions that work well."
Jun 22, 2012
Paul Hoi posted a discussion
So I posted earlier this month (and commented on other discussions) about how I was supposed to hook a 9Xtend radio to the APM2 and get telemetry data (and potentially autopiloting, etc.).  I've finally found at least one solution (UPDATE:  Solution…
Jun 20, 2012
Paul Hoi posted a discussion
Hello, I'm currently trying to replace my 3DR telemetry module that was connected and working with my APM2 with a Xtend XT09.  While I'm waiting for my RS232 to TTL converter to come in, I'm trying to get the APM Planner to recognize my Xtend. …
May 24, 2012