Xtreambee board

I ordered 2 Xtreambee boards that arrived today.


I soldered the sockets onto the board that the Xbee connects to.  After finishing I tried to insert the Xbee and it wouldn't go it.


On checking, it appears that on a few holes the solder used to join the sockets onto the board got into the socket and block the Xbee pins from going in.


Lucky for me I had ordered 2 boards, and I already had the Sparkfun Xbee -> USB board.


My second attempt on at connecting he sockets I used minimal amount of solder.  It worked.


So the lesson learnt for those soldering the sockets is don't use too much solder otherwise the Xbee won't be able to plug into the sockets.  I hope this helps others not make the same mistake I did today.

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  • I ordered boards from the diystore and they came with too much solder... I couldn't insert the xbee on one side and only about 3 pins on the other were clear.


    I just grabbed some solder wick, and solder sucker, first used the wick, then the sucker and fixed my board... at least bench tests worked... I hope vibration doesn't cause it an issue...


    So you can fix the other if you are careful.



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