I'm building a y6 with upgraded motor and esc. I've purchased the castle creations 4 pack 35amp esc, times 2 packs, designed for a quad. Only one has a 7a bec. When I'm building a multi rotor using the 3dr y6 power distribution board and the px4 autopilot, does each esc need a bec?

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It's my understanding that all the non-BEC Castle ESCs must be fed 5 volts to power their logic.So you would need to connect all three wires from all the ESCs. You probably need to use only one of the two BEC ESCs you have though. So one with a BEC and the remaining five without BECs.

I plug them into the corresponding motor ports on the power distributing board? I thought the y6 power distributing board would power the esc's thru the 3 wires therefore wouldn't need a bec.

I'm not familiar with the specific layout of the Y6 PDB. If it has three points of connection for each ESC then that's fine. Plug them all in. What you don't want to do is the standard ESC practice of only connecting the +5 volt lead (center wire) on the main BEC ESC and not connecting the center wires of the remaining ESCs. The non-BEC ESCs need a +5 volt supply to operate.

I'm kinda lost too. There is 6 dean connectors for the y6 PDB where 6 esc plug into. The bec would only be for powering a receiver or something 5v, right? The esc get power from the board from the battery. Thts what I understand anyway. Thank you for the help tom.

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