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I've been trying all sorts of props on my Y6 running with DT750 motors in an attempt to get stable yaw and minimal vibrations.  I currently use 3S batteries.  The GWS EP1045 slow flyer props were the most vibration free out of all the prop's I tried, however one thing that remains is that the lower props occasionally get into an odd harmonic flutter which suddenly changes the yaw.  I read somewhere that you should use props with a higher pitch on the bottom motors however I cannot find any slow flyer 10x6 props on the net.  I tried my 12x4.5 DD props on the lower motors but these just elevated the vibrations and made the Y6 slightly unstable and hard to control yaw.  I also read that some people had more luck with 4S batteries and even using tri-blade GWS 9050 props.

So this is a call out to all the Y6 flyers out there, regardless of the flight controller you use - can you list your motor kV, battery type and upper and lower prop sizes/pitch/type.  Also list out of 10 the stability you are getting in roll/pitch/yaw and any notes about harmonic vibrations you might be seeing and if you found tilting the motors made some improvements.  Anything info that we can gather in this one thread will be really helpful for all of us flying Y6 multicopters.  Hopefully this will allow us to narrow down what the best configuration is for Y6.


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  • Ah, once again I find myself posting replies to myself...

    Tested using a Zippy Compact 4S 3300 35C Lipo today with the DT750's and 1045 props all round the Y6.  Interestingly enough the amps are lower on the power meter in a hover.  However after a little recollection of how voltage, amps and watts are calculated it is in fact consuming the same watts (16.5V*30A=495W in comparison to 12.2V*41A=500W).  Hover is at half throttle rather than a few notches above half for the 3S.  Does not seem to make any difference to the lower prop harmonics which cause the prop to vibrate every 20 seconds or so randomly. I have a set of 8040 and 9050 tri props on the way so I'll measure what that gives me in a hover and if it reduces the prop wash induced vibrations on the lower props.  The 9050's are what they suggest over at multiwiicopter.com.

    Might also disconnect all the ESC +5V BEC outputs as the higher voltage is heating them up a bit more.  I'll wire in a separate 6V UBEC for the camera servo's

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